With all of you writing such amazing pieces on Substack, I have gone from addicted to social media to addicted to Substack articles. I spend an inordinate amount of my day reading most of these people plus 5 or so more. I have tons of information, thought provoking, rational information. Now, what to do about it all. 🤔

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Why don't you believe Hanania really believes the claim you quote, that "populist views on inequality and left-wing cultural stances" are "not only ... wrong ... but" also may "make you miserable."?

It makes sense to me. Folks adopt a philosophy of the good life - how a marriage should work; what to prioritize between kids, love, and career; the utility of addressing differences or changes in sex drives in a marriage through polyamory; parenting; etc.

Folks do not adopt these positions because they're bad people - indeed, a useful postulate of H's position is its premise that people don't adopt these views because they are evil, hate America, religious nuts, etc., but because think these approaches and philosophies will lead to a better and more fulfilling life and future for themselves and their families.

A lot then rides on whether that premise is right or not. I don't think H is wrong to be skeptical, that in many instances the result is not the more fulfilling, peaceful, and happy marriage they hope for but a boring or perfunctory sex life, an unhappy division of roles, and an inability to communicate or connect leading to a life spent mostly on their phones and porn.

Or, redefining vast swaths of their life experience as having been driven by archaic desires and psychological impulses - for instance, to people please (a discovery which leads them to recast many of their sexual experiences as assault, their interactions with others as unwelcome and traumatic, and themselves as lost and in need of a reboot - and anyone who does not support them, including their spouse, as suspicious.

I think this is happening - I know it is from many of my friends who gave gone through divorce, a common outcome when one spouse adopts these philosophies and the other not - and expect it is having the effect H posits, at least in some cases.

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