I've read a few of your essays and think you must have read Aleksander Zinoviev. The Yawning Heights? The Radiant Future?

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"Profit motives, individual incentives, systematic biases are real problems, and have significant influence over the decisions of lawmakers, regulators, and media in some cases. I don’t think the early approval of vaccines is one of those cases "

Why not?

The early aprpoval was clearly a political decision, and contrary to the norm with prior approval schedules and protocols (these new tech vaccines wouldn't be approved for the better part of a decade prior, and suddenly there were designed and approved in less than a year).

There was also a huge profit motive to present them as better than they are (if I remember correctly, with some comical statements throw in, like a company touting 93% effectiveness, only for their main competitor to claim 95% effectiveness a week later, upon their presentation).

Vaccines can very well be effective. But the fast-track approval was very much a politicial decision, the padding of trial results very much profit driven, and the market war between vaccine companies also influenced media and country-media portrayal of one or another (overblowing the failures of one, and diminishing of another, and ditto for the successes).

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