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edit: alright i finally got to the end of the podcast and i see why it was left in.

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"Conservatives should present their own ideas for industrial policy"

I am not well-read enough in such matters to endorse or criticize. Just posting these here for others to consider.

Ricardo’s Vice and the Virtues of Industrial Diversity by Steve Keen

American Affairs Journal Volume I, Number 3 (Fall 2017)


The American Way of Innovation and Its Deficiencies by David Adler

American Affairs Journal Vol. II No. 2 (Summer 2018)


Financing Advanced Manufacturing: Why Venture Capital Isn't the Answer by David Adler

American Affairs Journal Vol.III, No.2 (Summer 2019)


Reinventing Competitiveness: The Case for a National Manufacturing Foundation by Sridhar Kota and Tom Mahoney

American Affairs Journal Vol.III No.3 (Fall 2019)


Corporatism for the Twenty-First Century by Gladden Pappin

American Affairs Journal Vol.IV, No. 1 (Spring 2020)


Tripartism, American Style - The Past and Future of Sectoral Policy by Michael Lind

American Affairs Journal Vol.IV, No. 1 (Spring 2020)


Reshoring Supply Chains: A Practical Policy Agenda by David Adler and Dan Breznitz

American Affairs Journal Volume IV, Number 2 (Summer 2020)


Reforming U.S. Trade Policy for Shared Prosperity By Kevin P. Gallagher and Sandra Polaski

American Affairs Journal Volume IV, Number 2 (Summer 2020)


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I would’ve liked to hear you disagree more strongly and press on certain points more, like you did on AI regulation. Some of the things Noah said (with great confidence) on this podcast were very surprising to hear go unchallenged. FDR as the leading light of economic policy who built the USA into an economic powerhouse? I’m not sure you could pick a worse candidate. His comments on libertarianism, especially that they have “forgotten about deregulation” seemed similarly detached from reality.

I think some of Noah’s work, particularly when it’s detached from politics, is very good, but, as was clear at times in this podcast, some things are pure ideology.

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How is this US semiconductor plant going to sell its chips when it pays its engineers 500k for the same job they do in Taiwan for 40k?

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You're right, I definitely disagree with so many of his social points, but always appreciate you bringing on thoughtful people from the left who are willing to defend their arguments. It's painful, but a good way to hear the other side! 👍🏼

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Can you ask Noah why he blocks and delete comments that challenge his views, especially on China and Ukraine?

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