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From the New World
Arnold Kling: How Economics Starts with Specialization

Arnold Kling: How Economics Starts with Specialization

Plus Tribalism, Innovation, Vaccines, and the Administrative State

Arnold Kling is an economist, former writer at EconLog and writer of the In My Tribe substack, and the author of many books, including Specialization and Trade: A Reintroduction to Economics, and

The Three Languages of Politics: Talking Across the Political Divides. We discuss polarization, Never-Trumpers, intellectual honesty, specialization, vaccines, scientific innovation, tribalism, empathy, “fantasy intellectual teams”, and the administrative state.

0:00 Polarization

20:30 Never-Trump

41:00 Intellectual Honesty

1:03:00 Specialization

1:21:00 Vaccines and Innovation

1:39:20 Does specialization cause tribalism

2:24:00 Order, Chaos, and the Administrative State

In My Tribe, by Arnold Kling:

Arnold on Twitter:


Specialization and Trade:

The Three Languages of Politics:

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