From the New World
From the New World
Bonus Episode: Brian Chau on Moment of Zen

Bonus Episode: Brian Chau on Moment of Zen

ChatGPT, Machine Learning, Pluralism, and Regime Politics

I’m crossposting this episode from the Moment of Zen podcast, a tech podcast hosted by Erik Torenberg, Antonio Garcia Martinez, and Dan Romero. In it I discuss ChatGPT, machine learning, pluralism, and regime politics. This was one of the most enjoyable podcast appearances for me so far.


(1:00) Why is ChatGPT woke?
(6:23) DAN (do anything now)
(12:20) Who cares if chatGPT is a little woke?
(16:00) OpenAI is just protecting themselves
(23:00) Why is it so bad that chatGPT is a little woke?
(27:00) Why not compete with openAI directly?
(33:00) Why pluralism instead of truthism?
(40:00) How can pluralism win?
(42:00) Polarization is good
(51:00) The arc of technology is centralization
(1:12:30) Reconciling contradictions
(1:21:40) Explaining The Cathedral
(1:32:00) Why politics matters for tech