May 15 • 3HR 19M

Byrne Hobart: Over- and Under-Correction in Tech

How OpenAI is Funded, Whether Silicon Valley Remains Optimistic, The Value of Crystallized Knowledge, and More

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Byrne Hobart
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Byne Hobart is the writer of The Diff. He is an exceptional writer on finance and a wide collection of other topics. We discuss anecdotes, organizational theory, OpenAI, democracy, boom-bust cycles, and crystallized knowledge, among other topics.

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Google "We Have No Moat, And Neither Does OpenAI"
The text below is a very recent leaked document, which was shared by an anonymous individual on a public Discord server who has granted permission for its republication. It originates from a researcher within Google. We have verified its authenticity. The only modifications are formatting and removing links to internal web pages. The document is only the opinion of a Google employee, not the entire firm. We do not agree with what is written below, nor do other researchers we asked, but we will publish our opinions on this in a separate piece for subscribers. We simply are a vessel to share this document which raises some very interesting points…
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