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From the New World
Byrne Hobart: Over- and Under-Correction in Tech

Byrne Hobart: Over- and Under-Correction in Tech

How OpenAI is Funded, Whether Silicon Valley Remains Optimistic, The Value of Crystallized Knowledge, and More

Byne Hobart is the writer of The Diff. He is an exceptional writer on finance and a wide collection of other topics. We discuss anecdotes, organizational theory, OpenAI, democracy, boom-bust cycles, and crystallized knowledge, among other topics.

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Google "We Have No Moat, And Neither Does OpenAI"
The text below is a very recent leaked document, which was shared by an anonymous individual on a public Discord server who has granted permission for its republication. It originates from a researcher within Google. We have verified its authenticity. The only modifications are formatting and removing links to internal web pages. The document is only the opinion of a Google employee, not the entire firm. We do not agree with what is written below, nor do other researchers we asked, but we will publish our opinions on this in a separate piece for subscribers. We simply are a vessel to share this document which raises some very interesting points…
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