Jun 6, 2022 • 1HR 50M

Jacob Siegel: A Friendly Quarrel Amidst Postliberal Dystopia

Featuring my favorite postliberal figure, whose last name starts with "YA"

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Brian Chau
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Jacob is a senior writer for Tablet, writer of the scroll newsletter, and host of the Manifesto! Podcast with novellist Phil Klay. We discuss iconoclasm, curiosity, technology and centralization, Andrew Yang, postliberalism, Curtis Yarvin, bureaucracy, Bidenism, the secular and religious worlds, and the importance of quarrel. 

This is the first of three episodes in which I find myself with much greater disagreements with my guests. You may agree with my position, or you might agree with their’s. In any case, I hope you understand and seek to learn from our exchange, whether it’s on the topics of this episode or more controversial ones. Jacob and I discuss this explicitly near the end of the episode, and find great value in speaking with each other despite our disagreements. I hope you will too. Here’s Jacob Siegel. 

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