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From the New World
James Pogue - Nature, Strife, and American Destiny

James Pogue - Nature, Strife, and American Destiny

Six Hours. All Worth It.

James Pogue is a uniquely interest journalist and author of Chosen Country: a Rebellion in the West. You can find his work in Vanity Fair, Harper’s Magazine, and many more outlets.

Timestamps (You’ll need them this time):

0:00 American Mythology

17:00 Disenchantment

55:00 Truckers

1:01:00 Elite Theory

1:24:00 Forestry

1:48:00 Rights Regime

2:04:00 Social Media

2:36:00 De-Civilization

2:44:00 South Africa

3:01:00 Political Violence

4:00:00 The Deep Right

4:58:00 Ron Desantis

5:40:00 Principles

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Common Sense Piece on Trucker Protests

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