From the New World
From the New World
Malcolm Collins: The Parasite Precipe

Malcolm Collins: The Parasite Precipe

The Most Clippable FTNW Episode yet, even more than Richard Hanania 1

Malcolm Collins is the co-founder of and the Collins Institute, along with his wife Simone. We discuss Cultural Evolution, Puritans, Wokeness, Psychiatry, Effective Alutrism, Pronatalism, Gene Editing, Trads, Eschatology, and Good and Evil.


0:00 Western Civilization
4:00 Memes
21:00 Hicksite Quakers
28:30 Psychiatry
37:30 Fashion
50:00 Effective Altruism
57:00 Gene-Culture Coevolution
102:00 Depopulation
1:33:00 Trads
1:55:00 Eschatology
2:11:00 Historical Direction
2:32:00 Good and Evil
3:07:00 Autism
3:12:00 Order and Chaos

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