Dec 19, 2022 • 2HR 31M

Richard Hanania Returns: How Status Competition Created the Culture War

Plus Effective Altruism, the Faults of Materialism, and the "Scam Right"

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A Psychological Theory of the Culture War

Richard Hanania's Newsletter
A Psychological Theory of the Culture War
The American culture war is part of a global trend. The German far right marches against covid restrictions and immigration. In France, Le Pen wins the countryside and gets crushed in urban centers. Throughout the developed world you see the same cleavages opening up, with an educated urban elite that is more likely to support left-wing parties, and an …
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On DeSantis

Richard Hanania's Newsletter
The DeSantis Revolution
Conservatives have finally woken up to the importance of changing the education system. Opposition to teaching children left-wing dogma on race, gender, and sexuality unites the Right, but politicians have historically been expected to do little about the problem and have delivered even less. Ron DeSantis seems like an exception, and has developed a rep…
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Reagan and Civil Rights Law

Richard Hanania's Newsletter
How Reagan Almost Crushed Wokeness
In The Age of Entitlement, Chris Caldwell criticizes Republicans for having been unable to “acknowledge (or even see) that the only way back to the free country of their ideals was through the repeal of the civil rights laws.” In an interview after the publication of his book, he acknowledged that the Civil Rights Act wasn’t going anywhere, but said he…
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His first time on FTNW:

From the New World
Richard Hanania: Why Activists Control the World, Groomerism as Right-Wing Wokeness, and the Libertarian Machine
Listen now | Richard Hanania is the president of the Center for the Study of Partisanship and Ideology (CSPI), author of Public Choice Theory and the Illusion of Grand Strategy, a visiting fellow at UT Austin, and the writer of He is a brilliant analyst and policy thinker of social change, bureaucracy, civil rights law, and political ins…
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Bryan Caplan on FTNW:

From the New World
Bryan Caplan: How Libertarians Can Stop Losing Friends and Influencing No One
Listen now (106 min) | Bryan Caplan is an economist and professor at George Mason University, the writer of the betonit substack and the author of many books: The Myth of the Rational Voter, Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids, the Case Against Education, Open Borders: the Science and Ethics of Immigration…
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Michelle Goldberg on Trump and Mental Illness