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From the New World
Rob Henderson: Social Problems Need Social Solutions

Rob Henderson: Social Problems Need Social Solutions

The "Policy Left", Media, Noblesse Oblige, Status Competition, Eric Berne, and Transactional Analysis

Rob Henderson is a writer of an excellent Substack, a founding faculty of UATX, and a recent recipient of a psychology PhD. We discuss the evolution of media, the “policy left”, noblesse oblige, the Tripartite War, the meaning crisis, Eric Berne, and transactional analysis.


0:00 Media
12:00 Tiktok
22:00 “Policy left”
33:00 Elites and Status Competition
52:00 Noblesse Oblige
58:00 Parallel Status Hierarchies
1:07:00 Tripartite War
1:42:00 Meaning vs. Pleasure
1:55:00 Eric Berne and Transactional Analysis
2:39:00 Chaos and Order

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