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Steve Hsu - The Future of Human Evolution

Steve Hsu - The Future of Human Evolution

Polygenic Scores, Embryo Selection, Gene Editing, and Statistics

Steve Hsu is a theoretical physicist at Michigan State, the co-founder of Genomic Prediction, and write of the blog Information Processing.

Round 1 with Steve Hsu:

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Steve Hsu: How We Learned, Then Forgot, About Human Intelligence
Listen now (154 min) | Steve Hsu is a professor of theoretical physics and professor of computational mathematics, science, and engineering at Michigan State University, as well as the former VP of Research. He was the founder of digital security companies Safeweb, acquired by Symantec, and Robot Genius, as well as genomics startups Othram and Genomic Prediction. He writes th…
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Episode with Zvi Mowshowitz:

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Zvi Mowshowitz - How the Worst People in Society Bungled a Pandemic
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Information Processing:

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Human Nature (Documentary):


0:00 genomic prediction

12:20 communication, statistics and media

38:20 use of force

41:20 predicting intelligence

55:30 do progrsssives hate stats?

144:45 gene editing

2:00:00 He Jiankui

204:15 Machine Learning

218:30 Nazis in the Western memory

235:00 science fiction

240:20 chaos and order