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From the New World
Zvi Mowshowitz - How the Worst People in Society Bungled a Pandemic

Zvi Mowshowitz - How the Worst People in Society Bungled a Pandemic

Plus Magic the Gathering, Forecasting, and Human Malleability

Zvi is a COVID forecaster, writer of thezvi blog, and game designer at emergents.

We discuss Magic the Gathering, chess and computability, learning curves, COVID projections, the CDC banning testing, immoral mazes, selection effects, psychological malleability, Robin Hanson and medicine, institutional incentives, egalitarianism, civilizational collapse, populism, libertarianism, and pure math.

Note: the timestamps are somewhat inaccurate due to editing and intro.

0:00 MTG

19:00 chess,  computability, and learning

36:30 COVID projections

49:00 CDC banning tests + immoral mazes

57:15 narrative hedging

1:14:05 selection vs. malleability

1:21:20 Robin Hanson and medicine

1:55:00 institution building

2:00:05 egalitarianism and social competition

2:13:30 were we in a golden age?

2:15:30 decivilization

2:18:50 economies of scale

3:03:00 chaos and order

3:14:05 pure math

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