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From the New World
Richard Hanania: Why Activists Control the World, Groomerism as Right-Wing Wokeness, and the Libertarian Machine

Richard Hanania: Why Activists Control the World, Groomerism as Right-Wing Wokeness, and the Libertarian Machine

Plus psychological differences between liberals and conservatives, feminization, and how judges abused civil rights law to make everything good illegal

Richard Hanania is the president of the Center for the Study of Partisanship and Ideology (CSPI), author of Public Choice Theory and the Illusion of Grand Strategy, a visiting fellow at UT Austin, and the writer of

He is a brilliant analyst and policy thinker of social change, bureaucracy, civil rights law, and political institutions. We discuss those topics, five of his articles linked below, as well as how civil rights law made everything illegal, groomerism as right-wing wokeness, a foreign perspective on US foreign policy and propaganda, how activists disconnect policy from the public, the failure of expertise, the failure of “contrarians”, misuse of philosophy of science and Eric Weinstein, mental illness in Gen-Z, differences between neuroticism and feminization, and the effect of social media on policy.

This week’s audio essay is a shorter one concerning extremists as saboteurs.

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Richard Hanania's Newsletter
Women's Tears Win in the Marketplace of Ideas
Having mentioned the concept a few times, many have been encouraging me to write a Substack on the feminization of political life and its connection to free speech issues. Noah Carl beat me to it, and the idea has also been picked up by no less an authority than…
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Richard Hanania's Newsletter
Liberals Read, Conservatives Watch TV
Disclaimer: This is a very long piece (about 9,000 words). I thought about breaking it up into different essays, but concluded this is one of those things where you need to see the argument in its entirety to appreciate the constituent parts. I also think it needs many qualifiers and caveats in order to avoid misunderstandings, as the argument is extrem…
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Richard Hanania's Newsletter
Why is Everything Liberal?
In a democracy, every vote is supposed to be equal. If about half the country supports one side and half the country supports another, you may expect major institutions to either be equally divided, or to try to stay politically neutral. This is not what we find. If it takes a position on the hot button social issues around which our politics revolve, al…
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Richard Hanania's Newsletter
Woke Institutions is Just Civil Rights Law
Liberals control institutions because they care more about politics, a disparity that grew larger around 2016. This makes attempts to use government (i.e., bureaucracy!) to take back the culture unlikely to succeed, at least in the short term. What should conservatives do, then? I’m talking about the anti-woke portion of conservatism, which increasingly…
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Richard Hanania's Newsletter
Tetlock and the Taliban
Note: Apologies to Phil Tetlock if he doesn't want to be associated with the Taliban, I just couldn't resist the alliteration. Also apologies to the Taliban if they don't want to be associated with an American academic, though I assure them that Phil is one of the good ones…
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David Shor on campaign ads:

Pew Research Poll

Yuen Yuen Ang: China's Gilded Age: The Paradox of Economic Boom and Vast Corruption

My interview with Steve Hsu:

Richard’s interview with Gail Hariot:


2:20 Audio essay

6:42 Interview Start

8:24 Cactus' Asch Conformity Simulation

8:55 "People are Shockingly Dishonest"

10:57 Late Blooming

14:52 Foreign Policy Lying

18:19 Democracy Narratives

23:13 Tribal Beliefs

26:40 Asian Vote

28:47 Feminization

33:05 Does Social Media Benefit Democrats or Republicans?

41:56 Liberals Read, Conservatives Watch TV

50:45 The Ideal Conservative Strategy

54:25 Florida's School Bills

56:27 Incentive-Aligned Corruption

1:00:54 Demagogues

1:04:58 Rising Conservative Activists

1:07:03 Why Everything is Controlled By Activists (and Therefore Liberal)

1:14:26 Why are obscure right-wing people better than obscure left-wing people?

1:23:13 Moral Panics, and Why Cactus Distrusts the Right

1:25:48 Stats tests violate disparate impact

1:30:50 Is it Feminization or Neuroticism?

1:40:23 Failure of "Expertise"

1:47:02 Eric Weinstein and Philosophy of Science

1:51:05 Too Much Order, Needs More Chaos

1:53:48 Outro