From the New World
From the New World
Simone Collins: Optimized Dating, Parasocial Relationships, and Societal Collapse

Simone Collins: Optimized Dating, Parasocial Relationships, and Societal Collapse

I finally explain what "The Most Beautiful Flowers are the Most Fake" means

Simone Collins is the co-founder of and co-author of the Pragmatist’s Guide series.

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0:00 Evolutionary Mismatch
8:30 Transmaxxing
13:00 The Sacred
31:00 Social Justice
46:00 Pronatalism
1:10:30 Parasocial Relationships
1:28:30 Self-Deception
2:01:00 Post-Irony
2:29:30 “Wokeness” as a Term
2:56:00 Incels