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Year End Review of Things Part 1

Stupidity Beats Intelligence

(Classic Episode) Samo Burja: Patterns of Destruction and Structures of Rebirth

Why it’s easy to Brainwash ChatGPT (AI series, Part 2)

OpenAI's Woke Catechism (Part 1)

Simple Political Theory

Richard Hanania Returns: How Status Competition Created the Culture War

Michael Gibson - The Thiel Fellowship, Rationalism, and Stagnation

Angel Eduardo: Starmanning, Free Speech, and the End of Polarization

Announcing the Book Review Roadmap

Freddie Deboer: How Intra-Elite Competition Turned Mental Illness Into a Meme

Garett Jones: Less Democracy, More Culture, and More Immigrants from Successful Cultures

Michael Shermer: The Conspiratorial Mind

Winter Before Spring

Richard Bruns - Inside the FDA

Bonus Episode: Casual Catastrophe With Anji Zhang

Robin Hanson: Status and Our Forager Future

FAQ: Political Exploration

Bonus Episode: Jon Askonas on Alternate Reality

Just Add Points for Republicans

Jonathan Rauch: The Written and Unwritten Constitution

A Marginal Revolt of the Public

Arnold Kling: How Economics Starts with Specialization

Light Takes

Effective Altruist or Oligarch?

Jeremy Carl: The Three Eras of State and Technology

Bryan Caplan: How Libertarians Can Stop Losing Friends and Influencing No One

Effective Altruism's Soft Capture Scenario

James Pogue - Nature, Strife, and American Destiny

Democrats Veto, Republicans Coin Flip

Effective Altruism's Lifestyle Dilemma

Steve Hsu - The Future of Human Evolution

The Intention Trap (NatCon Series 1)

The Secret to College Tuition is Marketing Fraud

Eric Kaufmann: Whiteshift and the Coming Realignment

Maximum Tent Populism

From the New World Season 2 Retrospective

Tyler Cowen Transcript

Tyler Cowen: The Dark Side of Talent, Sorting and Institutions

Zvi Mowshowitz - How the Worst People in Society Bungled a Pandemic

Manny Rinconcruz - A Tornado of Cash, An Earthquake of Crackdowns, and a Drought of Courage

"SADLY, PORN": Propaganda for a Future that Forgot History

Rob Henderson: Building the University of the Future

Alex Nowrasteh: Immigration, Its Fans, and Its Haters

Demetri Kofinas: The Rational and Irrational Markets

Emotional Safety and The Case for Second Class Citizens

Freddie Deboer: The Nihilism of the Left and the Optimism that Must Replace It

Malcom Kyeyune: The Parasitic Middle Class

Let Me Subjugate You If You Want To Be Free

Curtis Yarvin Transcript

Curtis Yarvin: Summoning The Best People, Rebuilding the World that Worked

Bohan Lou: Secular Order, Religious Revival

Nils Gilman: Why Can't We Build?

Why Scapegoating Social Media is Uniquely Stupid

Shinzo Abe: A Very Real Person

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Against Moral Clarity

From the New World Season 1 Retrospective

The Nihilist Trumpist Versus January 6th


Ron Unz: COVID Biowarfare, The Great Forgetting of History, and Why This Show is Wrong

Ron Unz Transcript

UATX Series 4 - Why You Should Become a Poaster, in 10 Sentences

UATX Series 3 - Thiel Sounds Like Non-fiction

UATX Series 2 - Bari Weiss and the Moral Machine

UATX Series 1 - Consensus and the Culture War

Doomberg: Energy is Life and We Are Killing It

Doomberg Transcript

EBASF3 - Some Bad Psychoanalysis

Jacob Siegel: A Friendly Quarrel Amidst Postliberal Dystopia

Jacob Siegel Transcript

BJ Campbell: You Have Been Captured By Your Politics

BJ Campbell Transcript

EBASF2 - Impulsiveness is the Greatest Sin

Everyone’s Brains are Science Fiction — an Anti-Biography

Rob Henderson: The Hidden Scripts Shaping the Next Generation

Rob Henderson Transcript

Samo Burja: Patterns of Destruction and Structures of Rebirth

Samo Burja Transcript

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Roon Transcript

Roon: The Endgame of Machine Learning, Technology, and Internet Balkanization

The Stupidity of Social Media Power

Richard Hanania Podcast Transcript

Steve Hsu Interview Transcript

Robin Hanson Interview Transcript

Richard Hanania: Why Activists Control the World, Groomerism as Right-Wing Wokeness, and the Libertarian Machine

Steve Hsu: How We Learned, Then Forgot, About Human Intelligence

Robin Hanson: How Global Elites Manufactured Stagnation and How We Escape

Announcing From the New World: The Podcast About Institutions

In Defense of BLM Corruption

Firehose of Bullshit 2: Permanent Moral Panic

Firehose of Bullshit Part 1.5: The Extended Firehose Universe

All Hail the Firehose of Bullshit

The Second Party Switch: How Procedure and Safety Installed Conservative Instincts Into Democrats

Advertising Your Enemies

Salience and Political Evolution

Scientific American Must Begin the Sacking

The War on Disinformation is Dead