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No One Disagrees That AI Safety Requires Totalitarianism

What The Hell Happened To Effective Altruism

Hunting For Life-Changing Mistakes

Samuel Hammond: The Machine Learning Regime Change

Ethnic Hatred Comes From The Heart

James Pethokoukis: The Case for Techno-Optimism

James Pethokoukis Post-Podcast Reflection

The Machine God is Inevitable

More Podcasts I've Appeared In

The Sundial Theory of History

The Dawn of Effective Conservatism

Post-Podcast Reflection (Marc Andreessen)

Marc Andreesen: The Time to Fight for AI is Now

(Classic Episode) Jon Askonas: Politics is Downstream of Technology

Post-Podcast Reflection (James Poulos)

James Poulos: The Wisdom of Being Free

[Fixed] Thaddeus Russell: The Age of Distrust and the Return of the Senses

Post-Podcast Reflection (Thaddeus Russell)

Post Podcast Reflection (Jonah Davids)

Jonah Davids: The Mental Disorder and Therapeutic Order

Post-Podcast Reflection (Razib Khan)

Razib Khan: Genetic Founding Crimes and Straussian End Times

Michael Lind Stands Up For The Oppressed

Punpun Straussianism 10

Post-Podcast Reflection (Josh Steinman)

Josh Steinman: The Cyber Precipe

Punpun Straussianism 9

Bo Winegard and Matt Archer: Three Hereditarians Debate Immigration

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AI Will Cement Fukuyama’s Legacy

Sam Woods: Machine Learning Will Return Us to Creativity

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Noah Smith: We Can Build Again

July Subscriber Thread

AI Threatens Legacy Press Because They Rely on Style Over Substance

Richard Hanania: Liberalism Might Just Be Closer to Human Nature

Punpun Straussianism 5

How Totalitarians Speak

Lyman Stone: Growing the Population - A Kitchen Sink Approach

June Subscriber Answers

Jacob Siegel: Social Media Censorship and the Hoax of the Century

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Punpun Straussianism 3

Economists vs. EAs 2

Punpun Straussianism 2

June Subscriber Thread

Punpun Straussianism 1

Touhou Music is the Future

What do I Want When I Write ?

Diminishing Returns in Machine Learning

NatCon Travelogue

Curtis Yarvin: There is no Artificial Intelligence

A Brief Letter to EAs and Economists

May Subscriber Thread

Byrne Hobart: Over- and Under-Correction in Tech

10% More Social Conservatism

Bryan Caplan: Can We Make Freedom and Democracy Compatible?

AI as the Worst Parasocial Relationship

Author’s Note and February Subscriber Question Answers

ChatGPT is Lanley, not Spock (The Era of Machine Learning 1)

Curtis Yarvin: What Lies Upstream of Power?

Erik Torenberg: Upstream of the Revolution

Brett Andersen: The Re-Evaluation of All Values

Jon Askonas: Politics is Downstream of Technology

(Classic Episode) Zvi Mowshowitz - How the Worst People in Society Bungled a Pandemic

Simone Collins: Optimized Dating, Parasocial Relationships, and Societal Collapse

Dwarkesh Patel: Desire and Innovation

OpenAI’s Reality Check

Charles Haywood: Virtualization, Fracture, and Rebuilding

Bonus Episode: Brian Chau on Moment of Zen

The Prompt Engineering Layer

Roko Mijic: Defects, Defection, and the Future of Governance

Announcing: AI Pluralism

(Classic Episode) Curtis Yarvin: Summoning The Best People, Rebuilding the World that Worked

February Subscriber Thread

Corrosive Cope: A Review of the True Believer (Part 2)

Rob Henderson: Social Problems Need Social Solutions

The New Hippocratic Oath (AI Series Part 3)

Malcolm Collins: The Parasite Precipe

A Beautiful Portrait of My Enemy: A Review of the True Believer (Part 1)

The Rule of Midwits, One Year Later

Greg Guevara: The Politics of the Internet

“The Ones Who Build Will Have Names”

Update to the Book Review Roadmap

There Was Never an Honest Case for Lockdowns

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Samuel Hammond: AI Revolution - Visible and Invisible

January Subscriber Questions Thread

The Network State Review Part 1: The Case for Sacred Experiments

(Classic Episode) Tyler Cowen: The Dark Side of Talent, Sorting and Institutions

Year End Review of Things Pt 2